How To Double Your Pay Cheque With A Simple Change in Your Thinking

I cannot stress enough, the power of your mind and how it affects your sales presentations. You will have heard over and over again about the power of a positive mental attitude. P.M.A. But a negative mental attitude is just as powerful if not more powerful than a positive mental attitude.

Your mental attitude and how well you prepare yourself before your sales presentation is the foundation to getting the sale or not. How many times have you been told that the top reps are regularly closing over 20% because of their attitude and enthusiasm? If you’re already closing over 20% ask yourself are you satisfied with that. And if you are satisfied then why are you reading this? Why aren’t you closing at 100%? Because someone told you it can’t be done and you believed them? Someone told you that two out of ten is good enough and you accepted it! I remember when I first started in direct sales, I was told we give you ten clients every week, as long as one buys you’ll make a decent living. If two or three buy you’ll be a super star! Can you imagine a Doctor straight out of university and the hospital tells him in his interview, “We give you ten patients to operate on every week, as long as you can keep two of them alive you’ll be one of our top surgeons!”

Maybe a bit extreme but you see where I’m coming from. I have never believed in the numbers game and I never accepted that eight out of ten people won’t buy. I have worked with one lady for a long time now who wins all the sales competitions year after year. She’s in the lead again for this year and her year to date closing percentage fluctuates between 65-70% what makes her so good? Her attitude! An average sales rep believes there job is to present the product every day and hope that someone will buy it by the end of the week. That’s called playing the numbers game. This lady believes her job is to get a sale every day, and every day she comes to work to do just that. You see nobody told her it was a numbers game!

So how do you stay positive all week? A simple change in the way you think. Here’s how to turn the numbers game into a money game. Stop concentrating on the two deals that earn you the commissions. If those two deals happen to be on the last two presentations you do this week, you’re going to get pretty low in your positive mental attitude by presentation number seven and eight and you’ve probably started analyzing your pitch, looking for where your going wrong and deciding what you can change tomorrow to get a deal. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

Now let’s look at it from a different angle: let’s say each sale is worth €500 so two sales a week earns you €1,000. If you have to see ten clients to get two sales then each client is worth €100 whether they buy or not, right? So every day you go to work and do two presentations you earn €200 a day. Now that sounds much more fun doesn’t it? Instead of going home at the end of the day feeling like you worked for nothing because you didn’t get a sale. You go to work thinking no matter what happens by the end of the day I’ll be €200 better off! Of course you still have to put 100% effort into every presentation but it’s a lot easier to do when you know that you’re building up your commission statement even when they say no, Isn’t It?


Anonymous said...

I have found your previous posts very helpful! you planning to write anymore?

Alan Roy Hocking said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for your comment.
I don't post very often on this blog anymore as I am concentrating more on my Personal Development Blog: check it out, you might find some useful stuff there too