How To Overcome The Objection: “If We Weren’t Having An Extension Built”

The other evening whilst having a quick beer after work with a good friend of mine, also called Alan. He mentioned that he’d been reading my sales training tips on this site and asked if I could cover the old classic sales objection:

“If it wasn’t for the new extension/kitchen/bathroom” etc. etc.

So firstly a big thanks to “DVD Alan” for reading my ramblings and more importantly giving me this week’s subject. Hope this helps mate.

I remember way back when I was a new and eager sales rep learning my trade, I worked out very quickly that the more sales presentations I did the more often the same old objections would crop up again and again, so I made it a personal mission of mine and lost endless nights of sleep working out ways of getting rid of all the most common objections in the early part of my presentation during the statement of intent and fact finding period so that they wouldn’t crop up at the end when I was going for the final close.

For now let’s say you’ve done a perfect text book sales presentation and you’re sure you have a deal when right at the final close, out pops “It’s absolutely fantastic Alan and if it wasn’t for the new extension we’re having built when we get home, we would definitely join your holiday club today”.

How do you get round that one?

Well firstly give yourself a pat on the back because this type of objection is money related. Extensions don’t come cheap so you’ve obviously built some value into your product and price conditioned them at the same level as a new extension/bathroom or kitchen costs.

When you’ve finished patting yourself on the back, you need to work out if this is a genuine objection or just a weak excuse.

Remember A.C.O. (Agree, Confirm, Overcome.)

Agree with them: “I fully understand John and Mary, Extensions don’t come cheap these days, what is the average price of an extension in England/Yorkshire/London now?” If they are genuinely having an extension built they should be able to answer, “Well ours is going to cost us ………… If they struggle to give you a price, then they are lying and it’s just a weak excuse meaning you haven’t really sold them yet!

Either way, once you have a cost, continue with “And how long did it take you to save up for that?”

What you are achieving here is you are going to trap your clients into closing themselves into the “other than the money” corner again.

If they give a time factor like twelve or eighteen months of saving for example. Simply point out that they still had three holidays during that period and managed to save up for the extension so now you know they can afford to join your holiday club. You just redirect the moneys saved for the extension into joining your club and you’re going to save money on your future holidays as well. That would make perfect sense wouldn’t it?

The only other answer they can give you is that they are going to finance it in which case we look at getting a larger loan or re-mortgage over a longer period to include the cost of membership as well and make the payments even lower using the equity in their house.

What have you just done here?

You’ve turned what looked like a no close objection, into a financial “other than the money” objection again.

“So as long as I can show you how to have your extension built, join my holiday club and save you money as well, you’d be fools not to join me today wouldn’t you?.............

I hope that has given you some ideas to play with for now.

Next week I’m going to look at how to get rid of objections before they’re even brought up.

See you then.

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