Opening Statements And Introductions That Create Immediate Interest

Last week in our “Tips for Telesales” we looked at the importance of pre-call planning, knowing what you want to achieve with your call and setting out your objectives to achieve these goals with a good solid game plan and script to work from.

This week I want us to look at your opening statements and some introductions that will create immediate interest and make the listener want to hear more, rather than start the getting-rid-of-you process.

Remember when you are cold calling clients on the phone, it's very easy for them to just say “No thanks, I’m not interested” and hang up!

This is even more likely when they suddenly realise you’re calling regarding selling their Timeshare, or offering yet another R.C.I. bonus week.

So when you work in the Telemarketing Department for a Timeshare Company you really have to grab the listener’s interest in the first five seconds of your call or you will lose them every time. Don’t use the old corny positive tie-downs in your opening statements like: “If I could show you how to………….. You would wouldn’t you?” They will have heard that over and over again and probably have fell for it a couple of times already. It’s a sure fire way of getting them to think your just another one of the million Timeshare Resale Companies out there looking for yet another registration fee and hang up on you.

Also when cold calling in telesales don’t start with “I was just calling people in your area” People don’t like being just part of a telemarketing database that you’ve compiled out of a telephone directory in their area. They want to feel special and you need to make them think it is a personal call just for them.

It is always good to open with a question that will make them think before they answer. And remember to shut up and let them answer; don’t be tempted to carry on talking just to fill in the empty space. The silence will be worse for them and they could just be thinking about the answer to your question which is what you wanted to achieve in the first place.

Here are a couple of examples of good opening statements you could try after you’ve introduced yourself:

“I’m just updating your details and I need to know if you’ve sold your Timeshare yet?”

“I called a few months ago but it wasn’t convenient for you to take advantage of our offer at the time and I was wondering if your circumstances had changed?”

“You asked me to call you back regarding our…………”

Those opening statements are designed to get the client curious enough to ask you more questions giving you the opportunity to get down to the real reason of your call.

You will also notice that those opening statements give the impression that you’ve spoken before and that this call is just a follow up call and not a cold call. People are always willing to listen to someone they’ve spoken to before.

Now put yourself in your clients’ shoes and think what opening statements would make you curious enough to listen to the caller and ask for more information, then adapt them into your own telesales pitch and try them out on your next call.

Next week I’m going to cover Man Management and how to get the best out of your sales team. If you there’s a particular subject that you would like me to cover in the forth coming weeks, please fell free to leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail.

See you next week.

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