How To Spot The Decision Maker

There is always one person in a marriage or partnership that is the dominant partner and normally will also control the finances. If you can work out which one of your clients is the decision maker you can be pretty sure that one also controls the finances and can then make sure you are directing all your important closing questions towards the person that will give you the final yes or no at the end of your sales presentation.

As a professional closer, you have to be able to establish early on in your sales presentation which is the decision maker in the husband wife team or you will have wasted your time and lost the respect of both your clients by directing the presentation towards the wrong person.

There are several ways you can spot who the decision maker is.

Here are a few basic guidelines:

As a general rule, the person who does the most talking asks the most questions and shows the most interest in your product will be the dominant partner although this is not always true. Remember you could be presenting your product to a family where an older son might be trying to impress his father and show his intelligence by asking lots of questions about the product, company etc.

In this situation you need to be far more aware of how the rest of the family are reacting and who they all look at the most. The sub-dominant members of the family including the over verbal son will consciously and subconsciously look to the leader for guidance and reassurance.

There are also a couple of tricks you can use to get your customers to identify the leader for you.

Direct all your important closing questions towards one member of the partnership or group. If that person is the decision maker, then he or she will answer you directly and with confidence. If that person isn’t the decision maker, they will feel uncomfortable answering you and will look toward the stronger partner for them to answer you. From that point on you will know who will give you the final buying decision.

When you are presenting your product to more than one couple or larger groups it can be a bit more difficult to work out who is the leader. You can jokingly ask them,

“Okay I give up, which one of you is the boss here”

It might sound silly but believe me, for a split second everyone will look at the leader of the group to see if he or she reveals themselves. (There is always a leader) You have to pay special attention at this point and be extra careful to watch all their eyes or you might miss the clue.

Once you have established who the decision maker is and who controls the finances, go to work and start closing them. The sub-dominant partner will follow the leader and not want to disagree with them at the end when they decide to buy.

On a final note. I’m the boss in my house and I have my wife’s permission to say that!

See you next week.

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