TeleSales Tips – Connecting With Your Clients

There are many types of Telemarketing jobs available in the Timeshare industry from, data capturing with telephone surveys to qualifying and producing fly buy leads for the in-house sales team to sell either as first time buyers or existing owner upgrades.

One of the hardest Timeshare Telemarketing jobs in my opinion has got to be upgrading existing owners over the phone. To upgrade an existing Timeshare owner you really have to do some very effective fact finding to be able to point out to them that they really need to purchase another week or more holiday points etc, to get the most out of their vacation ownership.

If you are in a face to face sales situation and know you have your client’s attention for at least an hour or two, then happy days. They are on your resort enjoying their holiday and you only have to show them the latest deluxe apartments, the new facilities that are being added next year and remind them of how fortunate they were to have invested into Holiday Ownership when they did, then offer that special deal for existing members and you will normally have your upgrade.

But how do you do that when you are ringing your client over the phone, in the comfort of their own home and probably a planes journey away from your luxury resort?

You have to immediately gain their attention and permission to do a little fact finding to find out whether they are in a position to upgrade in the first place. This will save you countless time wasted on pitching to the wrong people and just ending up with excuses and neg-ing yourself out.

When they answer the phone forget introducing yourself with the old outdated: “Good morning/afternoon my name is ………. And I’m calling from the ABC Timeshare marketing company”

That sort of introduction just screams I’m a Timeshare telesales person and I want to sell you some more Timeshare and is normally the quickest way these days to end up with:

"I don’t have the time right now"
"I own to much timeshare already"
"It's not in the budget right now"
"I will buy when I am ready to buy"

You see you will have put your clients on a defensive right from the start with your opening statement and instead of gaining their attention and being able to start fact finding, they will be concentrating on working out the quickest way to get rid of you.

Those statements aren’t objections they are excuses to end the conversation as quickly as possible.

Instead try opening with: “Is that Mrs Smith?” “Hi it’s Alan from ABC how are you?” The key is to make it sound like you’ve already spoken two or three times before. Your client will be far more open to a light conversation with someone who appears to know them personally and will now be concentrating more on trying to remember where they know you from, rather than getting rid of you. This will buy you the time you need to start gentle fact finding and asking if they’ve booked they’re holiday for this/next year yet. Are they coming back to their resort or using the exchange system? Have they used all their holiday points for this year and will they be borrowing any from next year? If there where any improvements they would personally make to the resort or the holiday points system, what would they be etc?

You can now start to gently let them admit they would like more holidays or a larger unit or enjoy the better quality units and then offer the solution by getting them a really good deal on a second week or some more points……

You’ve now become the good old friend who helped them out once again instead of just another telesales rep and you can start asking them for referrals and stop your cold calling.

See you next week

If there’s a particular sales skill or closing technique that you would like me to cover in future articles, or an objection that you are having a problem overcoming, leave a comment below or drop me an e-mail.

Remember: there is no such thing as a foolish question, only a fool who doesn’t ask questions.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have recently literally forced myself to climb on the phone and do upgrades for existing clients. I work for a Holiday Points company and find it a bit difficult to close clients.

I fully understand the importance of warming up with the client as soon as possible, which I am not too bad at. When it comes to the crunch where I try and explain how more points would benefit them in terms of when, where, etc.. thats when i get objections like: "I've been a member for long and only used it once. It would be pointless to upgrade".. OR "I have sufficient points and I'm happy where I am at the moment" ... OR "Maybe next year" ... etc etc..

What other tips have you got that might assist me in closing more clients? How do I persuade them even more to buy additional points?

Thanks a mil!!

Alan Roy Hocking said...

Hi Juan,

Happy points owners are a difficult bunch to upgrade even in a face to face situation because the points system works. They are even harder to upgrade over the phone so you have my simpathy but it is not impossible.

In any sales situation, face to face or over the phone you have to remember one thing. Nobody will buy anything if the product they are already using is working and it suits their needs. What you have to do in this situation is a lot more fact finding before you start your sales pitch.

Treat the call more like an inquiry into how the system is working for them. Ask lots of questions about where they have been on holiday with their points. Have they always got their first choice. If not why not? If they have only used their points once, Why?

All these questions used with a nice laid back "Just inquiring" approach will eventally make them realise that they probably do need more points to get exactly where they really want to go.

I'm sorry, but unless you can make them unhappy they will never upgrade but don't over-do it. Remember you are trying to help them with a problem not upset them about their original purchase!

Here's a link to an article about selling to RCI exchangers that might help as well:

Stick with it and you will succeed just remember: Nobody buys a drill because they need a drill. they buy the drill because they need a hole!

Try to find out what your clients need and then sell them the points match their needs.

On a last note, once you have done all your fact finding and realised that they really do have enough points, accept it, thank them for their time and move on to the next call.

Don't waste your time talking to someone who doesn't need your help.

Hope that helps a bit.

Alan Roy Hocking

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