The Importance of Goal Setting

With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner and as this article will probably be the last one for this year, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the past twelve months and as is traditional at this time of year look at what we’ve achieved and also look forward to what we want to achieve in the following twelve months.

I started this site earlier this year as a loose mixture of Timeshare News, Resort Reviews, Industry Updates and some Sales Training, People Skills and Marketing Tips.

As you can see it has now developed by public demand into a full on Sales Training site dedicated to Timeshare Professionals and the Timeshare Industry as a whole, with a few bits of industry news and updates thrown in for good measure.

I have even changed the original name of the site from “Simple Sales And Marketing Solutions” to: “Timeshare Sales And Marketing Techniques” as I felt it summed up far more what the site is really about and allows me to dedicate the coming year to concentrating far more on the Timeshare sales training articles.

I will be taking some of my holiday time on planning and setting out my next twelve months strategies for continuing to expand this site and hopefully gaining a larger and more loyal reader base.

This is commonly known in the Timeshare industry as “Goal Setting”

I cannot stress enough the importance of goal setting in sales.

If you don’t set yourself goals, how can you measure your success?

How can you tell if you are having a good year or not if you don’t have some sort of idea of what you need to achieve to be successful?

This is what goal setting is all about.

You need to know what it is you want to achieve over a certain period of time, so that you can develop a plan to achieve it.

Have you reached the goals you set yourself last January? If not why not and what could you have done to change the outcome?

What goals are you going to set yourself for next year and how do you plan on achieving them?

Here are some tips on “Goal Setting”

Firstly set yourself realistic short term goals that are easily achievable. That will motivate you far more to reach your larger mid term and longer term goals.

When setting goals, be specific. If you want a new car, don’t just say, “In the next twelve months, I’ll buy a new car”. Specify the make, model, and even the colour! Find a picture of it and put the picture somewhere that you’ll see it every day, then work out how many extra sales you need to buy it and mark off on a daily basis how many sales are left to get it. You’ll be amazed how motivating it is to daily monitor how close you are to achieving your goals.

And lastly, don’t be too rigid in setting your long term goals. Remember, as I have personally experienced. Sometimes we need to make small adjustments to our original plans because our dreams change and our long term goals need to be changed accordingly.

I’d like to finish this week by wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a more than prosperous New Year and thanking you all for your loyal support and positive feedback.

Don't forget, if there’s a particular sales skill or closing technique that you would like me to cover in future articles, or an objection that you are having a problem overcoming, leave a comment below or drop me an e-mail

Remember: there is no such thing as a foolish question, only a fool who doesn’t ask questions.

See you in January.......

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