How “Active Listening” leads to “Effective Communication”

Hi all,

This week I want to look at not just getting back to basics, but really listening to what the client wants.

We are going to cover how “Active Listening” leads to “Effective Communication” which equals not just more sales, but more solid sales and fewer cancellations.

The most productive Timeshare sales presentations all start with asking good questions and listening carefully to the answers. This we call, “The Fact Finding or Discovery Period”.

This fact finding period is essential to knowing exactly how to present your product to the client. But once you have done your fact finding and you start your full product presentation what happens then?

You’ve become so immersed in presenting your product and selling the features and benefits that you’ve forgotten the most important factor!

The most successful sales presentations are those in which the client does at least 70% of the talking!

The most successful sales people are the ones who have learned to communicate effectively by utilising “Active Listening”

So what is “Active Listening”?

"Active Listening" is not just about asking a question and accepting the answer.

You need to confirm the answer by asking more questions until you have enough information about what the client really wants to be able to say “Let’s see if my product will fit your needs?”

Then, and only then should you start to present your product based on how your product will fill all the needs and requirements that your client has told you they want.

Any additional features and benefits can be added as extra bonuses once the client is sold and you are filling out the worksheet.

How many times have you brought something and it wasn’t until you were at home reading the brochure or operating manual, you realised how many other things your new toy could do that the salesperson hadn’t bothered telling you about before, because you hadn’t shown any interest in those features at the point of sale.

I guarantee the more you read and the more features you found out for yourself after buying, the better you felt about your purchase.

Imagine if every one of your clients felt that good about buying Timeshare off of you?

Wouldn’t it increase your completion rate and make your commission cheques even bigger?

See you next week.

If there’s a particular sales skill or closing technique that you would like me to cover in future articles, or an objection that you are having a problem overcoming, leave me a comment below or drop me an e-mail.

Remember: there is no such thing as a foolish question, only a fool who doesn’t ask questions.

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