Timeshare Jobs – In-House Rep Vs Cold Line Rep

I have had several e-mails lately requesting more tips on closing techniques for In-House Reps and also asking if the skills required to sell Timeshare In-House, differ from those you would use when selling Timeshare in a Cold Line situation.

I think the easiest way to start especially for the newer reps out there and certainly for anyone just starting out or maybe thinking about starting out on a career in Timeshare Sales is to look over the next few weeks at the differences between In-House sales and Cold Line sales and also dispel some of the myths that have been created by the very people who work within the Timeshare Industry.

Let’s look this week first at the main differences, how the clients get to be sat in front of you in the first place.

In a Cold Line situation in Europe (I’m not sure if it differs in America?) the clients will have normally been approached in the streets whilst on holiday in your resort area by an OPC (Outside Personal Contact) and offered some sort of free gift or duty free pack in return for attending a short presentation at your resort to promote the new health club, golf course etc.

They will probably not been told that it’s a sales presentation and will certainly not have been told that it’s a “Timeshare sales presentation!”

The stark reality of what they have really let themselves in for will probably hit them whilst they are in the car or taxi on the way to the resort.

This is why as a Cold Line Rep you have to work so hard in the initial stages of your presentation in breaking down the massive defence shield that has been put up purely from a fear factor, and gain the trust and confidence of the clients before you can really even start to present your product.

An In-House client on the other hand is already stopping on your resort.

They may already own Timeshare having brought before on a Cold Line presentation. Or they have been invited out to your resort on a presentation week and are fully aware that sometime during their holiday they will be spending a day with you and given the option to buy into the club.

The In-House clients are normally much more relaxed about their presentation because they feel they have the advantage of saying, “We’re here all week so we’ll think about it and get back to you.”

This is where as an In-House Rep you have to be much stronger to be able to close the deal on the day.

So what is easier In-House or Cold Line?

Well the Cold Line Reps will tell they are better closers because they’re on the front line and that In-House is “Easy-House”

The In-House Reps will tell you that they are the better closers because their clients have already brought and now they have to sell them again.

I think Timeshare is Timeshare and everything depends on your attitude but that’s another issue……

See you next week.

If there’s a particular sales skill or closing technique that you would like me to cover in future articles, or an objection that you are having a problem overcoming, leave me a comment below or drop me an e-mail

Remember: there is no such thing as a foolish question, only a fool who doesn’t ask questions.

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