OPC's - You Either Love Them Or Hate Them

If you have ever worked or are still working as a sales rep in Timeshare you will either love or hate the OPC’s (Off Premises Canvassers) or (Outside People Catchers) as I like to call them.

Either way, whether you like it or not they have always been and still remain a fundamental part to your marketing strategy when running a Timeshare cold line.

Without the OPC’s getting clients to attend a presentation on your resort you wouldn’t have any body to sell to, so before you start moaning about the latest blag or quality of the UP you have just had to tour and try to get a deal out of, lets take a closer look at the role the OPC’s play in marketing Timeshare and the qualities they possess to be able to do what they do.

Let’s look first at how the OPC’s work and the things they have to put up with on a daily basis:

It helps to be young and fairly good looking but it’s not essential. A chirpy happy go lucky attitude and the ability to accept rejection without it getting you down are far more important.

Once you have found your patch or stand you must be prepared to approach every couple that passes you by and in a split second make an instant friend. You need to be able to qualify that your clients fall into certain brackets i.e.: are they married, do they own their home or rent it and is one of them in full time employment. There will be other qualifications like ages and income brackets etc, but these you can start to get out once you have created some sort of rapport with your couple.

You are now going to talk this couple into getting into a strangers car or taxi in a foreign country where they probably don’t speak the language, not knowing where you are taking them on the promise of some sort of free gift or duty free pack in return for attending a short presentation on your resort.

And all in the matter of around five minutes!

Now forgive me for saying, but what the OPC’s manage to achieve in such a short time just doesn’t make logical sense to me.

They really have to be the best closers in the world!

They have managed to:

Meet and greet, warm up, make a friend, fact find, sell the dream and create enough fear of loss to close this couple into doing whatever they want the couple to do, even down to lying about their ages if necessary, “just to get the poor kid on the street paid.”

I repeat……

They have to be the best closers in the world!

So next time you want to moan about the “Bag of Sh…t” the OPC just sent in, just stop and think about how many “No’s” the OPC had to get through to get that couple to say yes. And remember what they achieved in five minutes, you now have at least an hour and a half to achieve the same results with the help of a beautiful resort and all the company credibility to help you sell the dream and close the deal!

Next week I want to continue with some tips for OPC’s. If there’s a particular sales skill or closing technique that you would like me to cover in future articles, or an objection that you are having a problem overcoming, leave me a comment below or drop me an e-mail.

Remember: there is no such thing as a foolish question, only a fool who doesn’t ask questions.

See you next week.


Anonymous said...

Hi I am working as an OPC in Thailand I would definitely be interested in tips and tricks for OPC's to get couples to stop and scratch the scratch card? most people just walk on by or swear at you! And how do you get them to get in the tuk tuk now and not try and postpone for later?

Alan Roy Hocking said...

Hi Anonymous. Good comment and one that I get quite often from OPC's.
The trick is your opening line. Even OPC's need to follow the proven steps of: Warm Up, Make A Friend, Fact Find, Present The product (Scratch Cards) and Close the Deal. Try starting with a very laid back, devil may care attitude and always ask in the first 30 seconds what they have planned for the day. Always try to get rid of objections before they arise. If they say they have nothing special planned for the day then they can't use the "haven't got time" excuse in the end! If they have got something planned like going to a theme park for example you could use that as an incentive to go on the presentation to get free tickets etc. Remember nobody does anything for nothing so it has to be worth giving up their time and always play on the greed factor and feer of loss emotion. Hope that helps a bit. It would be worth you buying my book "The Five Simple But Essential Steps To Getting The Sale" as the methods revealed in the book for closing sales can also be used for closing anybody into doing anything. Even going on a Timeshare presentation!
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan

Thanks for your advice when I have some spare cash and I have got in a few qualified tours I will be sure to buy the book.

once again thanks for the advice and fantastic blog!

James Campbell said...

How do you play the greed factor and the fear of loss emotion

Alan Roy Hocking said...

Hi James and thanks for your question.

The prize/offer should play on the greed factor.

Our OPC's had cash as one of the prizes and would mention that the cash prize was "today's" top prize and hadn't been won yet.

Hope that helps a bit.


James Campbell said...

Any tips on how to STAY energetic in that happy go lucky.

James Campbell said...

And any good one liners

Alan Roy Hocking said...

Hi again James

I think to be a good OPC you need to be naturally energetic and happy go lucky with a very good sense of humor.


Anonymous said...


I work as an OPC in the Chicago area in various malls at a beatuiful kiosk. I cannot get people to stop or even give out semi personal information, (where they're from, where their last vacation was, etc.) despite my kind and gentle demeanor. I have tried being overly aggressive, completely passive and everywhere in between, but to no avail. I am completely stumped and discouraged as I have been doing this for months but no success. Any advice???

kandi said...

Seriously... It's all about IMMEDIATE CONVERSATION..... You pull people in, by being "catchy".. Great bubbly smiling positive.."Greeting"... People especially nowadays love to be sudden SURPRISED (especially just in passing) by someone with a upbeat positive attitude..a sale is SOLD ON PRESENTATION

Alan Roy Hocking said...

Thanks for your input Kandi

That's exactly what it's all about "Immediate Catchy Conversation"

Great advice!

Anonymous said...

How can I overcome the one who always says it's a great deal, I need to think about it and I will be back. I do a great job with stopping and building rapport. I just have trouble closing.

Vanessa Martinez said...

Think about it? If it sounds good now it will sound good later. It is by invitation only when is best for you tomorrow or next week?

Chris Erasmus said...

ALAN MY OPC is struggling with closing time and conveying the couples
please can you give me advise