Buying A Custom Domain Name

Those of you who are regular readers of this Blog will have noticed my move last week from the domain to my personal custom domain.

I have been blogging for just over a year now so I’m still very new at it and have read countless arguments for and against buying your own custom domain including the main ones:

“Custom domains are a priority if you want to make money blogging.”

“Nobody takes your blog seriously if you’re still using a blogspot domain.”

So after over 12 months of deliberation and resisting going “professional” in the eyes of all the other “Professional Bloggers” I have finally succumbed to buying my own custom domain but for very different reasons than what I read other people have for not using a Blogger Blogspot free domain.

And so for the pricey investment of $10.00 “” has become “”

For anyone thinking of buying a custom domain name for whatever reason I brought mine through Google and found the process completely painless and very simple.

I just logged into my Blogger account. From the dashboard I clicked settings and under publishing went to the domain page and followed Google’s very straight forward step by step instructions on buying a custom domain name.

Blogger do have their own help page which also explains the process in a step by step easy to follow idiot proof guide for non computer literate people like me.

The other benefit I found from doing the whole thing through Blogger and Google is that it was all configured for me and set up in a matter of minutes with all my old links still working perfectly and automatically redirected to my new URL

So to close, Hats off to Google and thanks for the continued brilliant service. I should find that any loss in readership caused by the change will return over the next couple of weeks so I’m off on Wednesday for a quick 4 day break and I’ll be back next week with another New Resort review.

See you all then….

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