Overcoming Objections - “We Always Book Our Holidays On The Internet”

More and more these days with internet in nearly everyone’s homes, Timeshare Sales Consultants are telling me they are coming up against the objection:

“We always book all of our holidays on the internet these days, it’s so easy and we always get a very cheap deal”

As with all objections that keep regularly appearing in our presentations we should find a way to dispel the objection before it has a chance to be brought in at the end of your presentation and kill your sale!

Look for things on the internet that can be used to burn the travel agents and online flight companies and find a way to include it into your presentation in a way as to not seem like your knocking the opposition but rather asking your clients if they have had experience in being ripped off in the past.

As an example you might say something during your warm up period like:

“My friend tried booking one of those cheap flight deals that you see advertised on the internet the other day and there were so many hidden charges in there that he ended up going back to his usual travel agent to book it for him”

Then shut up and let them tell you if they have had the same experience or not.

I wrote an article on my other site “In Between The Tapas And Tantrums” entitled:

Buying Flights Online Can Be Confusing, Misleading Or a Complete Rip Off!

Both Airlines and Independent Travel firms that sell airline tickets online are said to be using “misleading advertising,” “unfair Practises,” “abusive clauses” and “non-existent discounts.”

58% of the sites investigated showed misleading price indications, 49% were found to have irregular clauses in ticket sales conditions and 15% were problems with the advertising.

The final price to pay when actually booking the flight tickets is generally higher due to a series of added charges that can vary from so-called airport charges to handling fees, booking fees or priority booking, luggage, fuel etc. that are related to credit card payments.

The full article can be read by clicking on the title of the article. Please feel free to use it in your future presentations.

As always, don’t just sit around the pit waiting for your next up to arrive. Use the time constructively to find new ways to overcome any new objections that you find regularly popping up in your presentations.

Remember just as we continue to find new ways to sell our products. The public are finding new ways to avoid buying them!

Always stay one step ahead.

See you next week.

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