At Last, Just Released, The Long Awaited Downloadable Sales Training E-Book!

News Flash!!!!

At Last!!!!

Available Now!!!!

The Long Awaited!!!!

5 Simple But Essential Steps to Getting The Sale E-Book

The “Timeshare Sales Techniques” five week mini series is on hold for this week.


Due to the overwhelming response and daily e-mails I receive, I have been working very hard on producing a full version of the five week Timeshare Sales Techniques mini series in a downloadable Kindle version along with other sales training articles including CD's and Video's that I always get regular requests for.

Follow the link above to get your copy now!
I am also looking at a completely new format for this sales training site in the future that will make it easier to search and find the exact answers to your sales problems and articles with the solutions you are looking for.

There is also the possibility of a completely new updated look to the site with a move to a new location that will also hopefully make your reader experience that much better.

I hope the changes will be met with all of your approval and always welcome your feedback as to what you would like to be included in this site and any changes you think would improve it.

Please be patient as there are always teething problems with any changes and new ventures that you plan especially when you’re dealing with the internet!

Keep dropping in on a weekly basis as I will be keeping every one updated on a regular basis on how the e-books and website changes are progressing.

In the meantime, keep sending in your e-mails and leaving your comments on any sales and marketing subjects you would like me to cover in the future.

See you next week……

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