Timeshare Sales Techniques – Five Week Mini Series – Meet And Greet

Last week we looked at the importance of self preparation.

This week I want to look at the initial introduction to your clients commonly known as “Meet & Greet”

There are three main things you need to take into consideration when you’re preparing yourself to meet and greet your clients and these are best illustrated buy understanding what’s going through your clients mind in the first few seconds when they meet you.

The average human being takes in their information through three main sources:

Visual (Sight)

Audible (Hearing)

Kinetic (Feelings)

As an example let’s imagine you’re on holiday in a new resort and venturing out of the hotel for the first time to have a nice cold beer.

As you walk along the sea front looking for a nice bar to have your cold beer in you will first be attracted by how the bar looks. Does it appeal visually to you? Do you like the look of it? (Visual)

Your next reaction will be to the sounds coming out of the bar (Audible) is the music laid back or upbeat? What’s the conversation like? Does it sound like a friendly fun place? Did the staff greet you in a friendly, pleasant manner?

You will then decide how you feel (Kinetic) about the whole situation based on the first two factors and how you feel will decide whether you stop and order your cold beer or carry on to the next bar where you will repeat the whole process over and over again until you find a bar you do feel comfortable in.

Now although this process only takes a split second, it is the exact same process that your clients will use when you first introduce yourself to them.

They will first decide if they like the look of you? (Visual)

Then they will react to how you introduce yourself? (Audible) Did the rep greet me in a friendly, pleasant manner?

The Kinetic senses will then kick in and they will decide if they feel comfortable about being in your company.

If they don’t feel comfortable in the first few seconds, then your presentation is going to be all uphill and you will have to work extra hard at winning your clients over in the warm up stage before you can even attempt to do any fact finding.

This week, I’d like you to take more notice of how people react to you when they first meet you.

Is there anything you should change about the way you look?

How you speak or introduce yourself?

What would make your clients feel more at ease in your company?

Next week we’ll look at the difference between a “bus stop” warm up and a “proper” warm up.

See you all then.

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