Paying Attention To The Small Details Will Guarantee You Get Paid The Big Cheques!

Last week we looked at the importance of how you introduce yourselves on the first cold call.

This week I want to look at the importance of taking notes during that first contact to use on your call back.

Quite often telemarketing takes a minimum of two calls to close the deal. This can be for a number of reasons but the most common ones when you are telemarketing for Timeshare fly buy’s is that it’s difficult to tie them down to a date when your clients can take a holiday if you are calling during the day and only one of the couple is available to make a decision. The wife or husband will normally have to consult their partner later that evening or during the weekend so a second call will be needed to close the deal.

It is very important to take as many notes as possible on this first call to use in your introduction and mini warm up on the second call.

Taking notes will serve two purposes.

The first and most obvious is that if you are calling hundreds of numbers a day, taking notes of each call you make contact with not only helps to build a small picture of who you are talking to it will also give you essential reminders of when to call back, what time is best to catch them in, etc.

The second and most important for me, is the information that can be used in the first five seconds of conversation to instantly break the ice and warm up on that second call.

In a lot of cases the clients will have asked you to call another time because they have family staying, are going on holiday, have a hospital appointment, etc.

I always open up on the second call with:

“Hello Mrs Smith/Jane,” (If you got onto first name terms in the first call, use their first name on second call) “It’s Alan from ABC,” “how was your holiday in Greece?”

Remember these people will probably get calls from countless different companies every week all with a very similar pitch to yours so Imagine how you would feel if one of the callers remembered that you where waiting for news on a hip operation, or you had just come back from a cruise?

The whole key to closing more deals in any sales situation is paying attention to the small details that make your client feel that little bit special.

People like to receive that personal touch. Make sure you’re the one giving all your clients that little bit extra and you’ll also be the one picking up the bigger cheques!

See you next week.

If there is a particular subject or an objection you are personally having trouble over coming, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and I will cover it in a future article.

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