Telesales Tips – Opening Statements That Immediately Connect With Your Clients

In this the first article on telesales tips I want to look at the importance of your introduction to the clients.

I mentioned last week that the hardest part of telemarketing is to get the clients to give you the opportunity to deliver your pitch.

Let’s just recall that unlike face to face sales, when you are cold calling on the phone, you are in fact entering your clients home or office, completely uninvited and according to the clients at the worst possible time!

That is why the most important part of tele-selling is your opening line when the clients answer the phone.

You will all have been given the standard telesales scripts that start with:

“Is that Mrs Smith?” “Hello Mrs Smith, my name is Alan and I’m calling from the ABC group.”


That opening statement is just so old hat these days and screams, “I’m yet another telesales person trying to sell you something over the phone, just like the other four hundred calls you’ve probably had this week and will result in the person on the other end of the line thinking of the quickest way to get rid of you or just hang up on you if they’re not that polite!

Now I want you to think about how you would introduce yourself if it was a call back and you had already spoken to this client before.

I bet your opening line would go something like:

“Hello Mrs Smith, its Alan calling again from the ABC group.”

Do you see the difference?

On your second call the client is thinking, “Alan, ABC group, Oh yes I remember.”

So if we just drop the “calling again” part and use. “Hello Mrs Smith, its Alan from the ABC group.” Mrs Smith will now be psychologically thinking that you have spoken before and will be too tied up concentrating on when you last spoke and what about, to cut you off. This will give you the time you need to drop in a few grabber statements and gain enough interest to allow you to proceed with your pitch.

It might seem a little un-natural at first but I promise you if you practise it and get it to flow, you’ll soon be talking to more people and getting more deals with less calls.

See you next week.

If there is a particular subject or an objection you are personally having trouble over coming, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and I will cover it in a future article.

Remember. “There is no such thing as a foolish question; it’s the fool who doesn’t ask questions.”

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