Tips For Telesales

Hi to you all.

This week I want to introduce the forthcoming series of tips for telemarketing.

An old friend of mine commented that most of the sales training sites and blogs that he had come across were dedicated to face to face and direct sales techniques and that there wasn’t enough written about sales tips and closing techniques for the people who worked in telesales and telemarketing.

I had to agree with him and immediately started a section on telesales tips that I am now going to continue here.

As an introduction to the section today, I just want to take a brief look at the difference between closing people face to face, and closing people over the phone.

In a face to face direct sales situation, apart from having the three major senses, Visual, Auditory, and Kinetic at your disposal, your clients will normally have accepted an invitation to take a tour at your resort and know exactly what to expect in the first place.

When cold calling clients on the phone. It’s a completely different kettle of fish.

To start with you have no visual connection so you have to rely purely on the auditory and kinetic senses of your client to try to build a nice image of yourself in there minds in about five seconds flat!

Also you have invaded their privacy, entered their homes completely uninvited and normally at the worst possible time according to them!

That is why in telesales your introduction to your clients is so important and something we will be looking at next week.

I will also be producing some training videos on telesales techniques in my sales training video section very soon.

For those of you that can’t wait till then, check out next weeks article “Introductions That Immediately Connect with Your Clients” here on this blog.

And don’t forget that my first book, “The Five Simple but Essential Steps to Getting the Sale” is available to download right now for the special introductory price of only €9.99

See you all next week.

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