The Alternative Choice Close

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This week I want to look at one of the all time classic closes and a definite favourite of mine that has earned me a lot of money selling Timeshare on the Costa del Sol.

The Alternative Choice Close

The thing I like most about the alternative choice close is that you can start using it straight away. From the minute you pick up your clients in reception and take them through to the warm up area you can start getting them used to making simple choices like:

“Would you like to sit in the sun or the shade?”

“Would you like a warm drink or a cold one?”

“Would you prefer Orange or Lemon?”

The idea of the alternative choice close is that you get your clients used to making simple choices rather than decisions. Anybody will make a simple choice on the spur of the moment, but making a decision takes a little more thinking about and that’s the last thing you want when you want to get the deal on the day.

More importantly if you narrow down the options you give your clients to just two; the quicker and easier your clients will make their choice without getting confused and need to think about it.

This is where you can get really clever and control the answer the clients give you by using a little bit of sales psychology.

It’s a known fact in sales psychology that when you give someone an alternative choice they will tend to favour the second choice over the first choice as the last part of the sentence will always be fresher in their mind. Even more so if you have used a little voice inflection to slightly emphasise the second choice and made it sound more attractive.

For example, if you want your clients to sit in the shade rather than the sun, just word the alternative choice close: “Would you like to sit in the sun or the shade where it’s much cooler?” and make sitting in the shade sound much more attractive than sitting in the sun.

If throughout your entire sales presentation your clients have got used to making simple choices. When it comes to the final close don’t ask them to buy, assume that they will buy and don’t give them the opportunity to say yes or no. Just ask them if they preferred the one bedroom apartment overlooking the pool, or the two bedroom apartment with the beautiful sea views.

Get the idea?

As always, practise your alternative choice closing on your friends and partner until it flows naturally and doesn’t sound like a canned timeshare sales pitch before you start using it on a real client or they’ll see right through you and you’ll have lost a sale.

See you next week.

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