Selling Timeshare In The Recession

I had an email the other day asking:

“How do I as a timeshare sales person sell timeshare during a recession?” All the reasons for not buying are related to "the bad economy".

As it’s a question that I get quite regularly at the moment I thought we could address the problem here in “Sales Talk” and hopefully find some answers for everyone.

Firstly I have to say that your failure or success as a sales person relies largely on your personal attitude and how you deal the negatives. So if you go around saying to yourself, “I’m never going to sell anything, there’s a recession on and nobodies got any money” I guarantee you will be 100% right!

You won’t sell anything but you can always blame it on the bad economy and make yourself feel better.

I’m not sure your bank manager will be quite as understanding when it comes to paying your mortgage?

The professional sales person will always look for solutions to the problems and find ways of turning negatives into positives, so let’s look at the positives and how we can use them in our pitch.

It’s a fact that most people even during a recession will still find money for three things.

Smoking, Drinking and Holidays!

The type of holidays might change; they might look for cheaper deals, shorter breaks, or wait for the last minute deals. But the average working class family will still try to fit in at least one holiday in a year. And let’s face it. They’ve worked hard all year and they need and deserve a holiday. So use that in your pitch.

Fact find!

Ask your clients if they have had to take just one holiday this year because money is tight or maybe they are thinking they might have to do without a holiday next year. Have they lowered their standards from what they are used to?

Ask them if they are happy having less or no holidays or lower quality holidays?

Once they agree with you show them how owning timeshare on your resort will cap future inflation, guarantee that they will never have to lower the standard of their holiday accommodation again. Or even worse go without a holiday!

Surely if you have done your presentation right and sold the benefits of owning timeshare and built the desire of guaranteed quality and great facilities, and more importantly you’ve made them actually want to own at your resort. Then it should always come down to the money at the end!

So don’t let them use “The bad economy” as a weak excuse. If someone really wants something bad enough, they will always find the money to buy it!

See you next week.

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