Stereotype Timeshare Reps!

We called into our local bar on our way home tonight which luckily for us is just down our lane but unluckily for us, we have to pass on the way home and that is normally where the problem is.

We always have trouble passing it!

It also just happens to be across the road from a well known and popular Timeshare Resort here on the Costa del Sol and has become the watering hole for the reps and managers there and they’ll quite often drop in after work and discuss the “days deals” and more often the “almost deals!”

Anyway we were sat in our normal table in the corner of the terrace with our twin daughters and got chatting to another couple on the next table who where out on holiday and staying over the road on their week of timeshare.

The conversation was the normal one we tend to have regarding the ups and downs of parenting twins, when two of the reps that were drinking inside came out quite drunk and whilst crossing the terrace to the car park to get into their cars were still boasting quite loudly about how one of them had made their clients feel really stupid for not buying.
(It hadn’t made the client change his mind and buy, but it made the rep feel much better for winning the argument!)

As they got into their cars and drove off, the lady we were talking to said with a rather disapproving look on her face, “They’re reps at our place, they’ve been trying to get us to buy more timeshare all week but we’re not going to.”

After fishing a bit deeper, it turns out that this couple had brought one week in a two bed duplex over twenty years ago when the family where young and had never upgraded or purchased a second week even though they attended their in-house presentation every year!

What amazed me even more was that they always had a two week holiday but chose to rent the second week privately in a complex down the road and pay more than the maintenance would be on a second week at the resort!

Add to this the fact that this particular Timeshare Company has a sister resort right on the beach and a fantastic versatile product to offer it just didn’t make sense.

When I finally asked why they hadn’t brought a second week, the lady answered, “Did you see those two? When we brought our week we had a lovely rep called John but when we were thinking of buying a second week he wasn’t there any more and we’ve never liked the any of the new reps since”.

I had to agree that I wouldn’t have brought of either of the two reps who had just driven off in there flashy rented cars. They were you’re typical suited and booted, slick talking, big headed, stereo type timeshare reps that unfortunately have given the industry a bad name.

So this week’s lesson is. Be very careful when you’re having a drink after work, either on site or off site. The people on the other table who are listening to you boast about how you dealt with you’re clients today, just might be your clients tomorrow and you’ve lost another deal before you even say hello!

See you next week.

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