Improve Your Selling Skills & Close More Deals!

In over 18 years experience of promoting and selling timeshare on the Costa del Sol, the last 8 of which have been dedicated to the recruitment and training of direct sales professionals for several Resort Marketers around the world, it has always amazed me how difficult everyone makes it!

The sales process can be as easy, or as hard as you want it to be!

The only hard part about selling is learning how to make it easy.

The first and most important thing you need to take on board is that sales isn’t about how good your product is, or how big and well established the company you work for is, or that “special offer” you have “just for today.” It’s all about the person in front of you,


In an essence if they like you and you can find out exactly what your client is looking for and provide it within the price range they’re willing to pay for it, then why wouldn’t they buy off you right there and then? It really is that simple!

Of course you have to learn how to get to that point with every client you sit in front of and that’s where the hard work comes in. But once you’ve learnt some of my “Simple Selling Skills”, you’ll be amazed how easy it all becomes and you’ll wonder why you’ve struggled for so long before?

Week by week we will be looking at some “Simple Selling Skills” that have made me a very comfortable living over the past few years and if you put them into practice can earn you a very comfortable living as well. Yes I know there are millions of sales books and internet sites out there all promising to turn you into a super selling machine, so what makes me any different?

I’m not, I have built up a library of sales books over the years and they are all very similar in there teachings and thought patterns, but I always found one thing that was unique in every book and when I added that one thing to my sales presentations, I made more sales. So if you only learn one more thing from me that makes you one more sale per week, then my time and effort has been worth it. Hasn’t it?

The good news for you is its completely free!

No Donations, No Monthly Subscriptions, Just down to earth straightforward advice that you can refer to over and over just by dropping by this site whenever you feel the need for some inspiration and want to boost your sales figures

See you next week.

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