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This week’s article is in answer to an e-mail I received from Anthony who has just started working as an O.P.C. in Mexico and was looking for some pointers.

I wrote an article a while back entitled: “O.P.C’s - You Either Love Them Or Hate Them” To read it just follow the link. I hope it helps you and anyone else starting a new career in Timeshare as an O.P.C.

The Unfair Commercial Practises Directive brought out around the end of last year and finally enforced throughout Spain and the Canary Islands as of the end of March this year is an attempt to clean up the entire Timeshare Industry in Europe and give it a much more professional image. This has meant that the use of OPC’s on the streets has become virtually a thing of the past here on the Costa del Sol.

In a nutshell the Directive bans all forms of what they class as aggressive marketing tactics and makes the use of scratch card marketing illegal.

This means that the genuine and legal Timeshare Companies have had to revert to the old methods of marketing like fly buy programmes and inspection visits, or find new methods of getting people to look at their resorts and products without the use of OPC’s.

The illegal Timeshare Marketers and Telesales Companies will slowly be forced out of business which I personally don’t think is a bad thing and I’m all for any moves that improve the image of Timeshare in Europe and make the entire industry more regulated and professional.

What do you think?

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