Close More Deals Using These Three Powerful Selling Emotions

It is of utmost importance to try to gather as much information about your clients before you meet them for the first time. If you have some idea of the type of person you’re going to be dealing with it will help you pre-plan your presentation and final closing strategy.

This is fairly easy if you’re dealing with a business, you can just do some research on the internet about company background etc. If you do house calls then you can check out the neighbourhood, type of house, what car is parked outside, how neat the garden is etc. All these things will give you some idea of your client’s character and how to deal with them. But what if you’re a Timeshare rep on the cold line? You never know who’s going to be sat in front of you until they arrive in reception and your names called to go and meet them.



Let’s look a bit deeper into the type of person who attends a timeshare presentation. The way they’re brought into the resort can tell you a lot about what type of person they are long before you meet them.

Here’s an example:

Imagine for one moment your on holiday with your wife / husband its Sunday morning the first day of your holiday you’ve missed breakfast because you arrived late last night and overslept so you’re just stepping out of your hotel to find a little bar serving English breakfast when suddenly out of nowhere a young lad or girl appears and once they’ve established your on holiday and recommended a good bar down the road they suddenly produce this handful of scratch cards from which you pull the star prize! Now to claim this prize you have to get straight into their car or taxi and go to the resort immediately as there’s only one star prize issued everyday and you wouldn’t want someone else to get it would you?

Now bearing in mind you’re in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and you haven’t found your way around yet because you’ve just arrived. Would you get in the car of a complete stranger on the spur of the moment not knowing where they’re really going to take you just to pick up a star prize?

How many of you said “No way”? It doesn’t make logical sense does it? And yet every day, somewhere in a holiday resort around the world hundreds of holiday makers do exactly what they’re Mums told them never to do.


The excitement of winning something (The star Prize),

Greed (getting something for nothing)

Fear of loss (If we don’t go now, someone else might get our prize).

Those three emotions were stronger than the fear of getting in a strangers car in a foreign country where they don’t speak the language.

You have to hand it to the OPC’s (Off Premises Canvassers) they are the best closers in the world.

So what does that tell you about the person you’re going to be dealing with today?

Firstly they can definitely use what you’re going to show them today. They’re on holiday and all you’re going to show them is a better way of taking those holidays. Unless they are on a free holiday they can afford what you’re going to show them. You just have to show them how to re-direct their holiday budget. So as long as you can get them excited enough about owning your product, create the greed factor by offering more than they expected and finally install the fear of loss emotion buy letting them know about the one off special deal that they won’t be getting if they don’t join you today, you’ve got a new owner haven’t you.

It still amazes me how many Timeshare reps accept the “We never make a decision on the day” excuse.

All you have to do to squash that objection is gently remind your clients of the fact that it’s not a decision it’s a simple choice and they chose to get in a car or taxi and come down to the presentation today in a matter of minutes because they obviously felt that the benefits outweighed the disadvantages. “So what you’re really saying to me John and Mary is that I haven’t shown you enough of the benefits of owning my product for you to make an educated choice yet?” and then get straight back into what part of the product they need more information about and isolate it down to the genuine objection. Easy isn’t it!

See you all next week.

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