Some Tips To Help You With Your Meet And Greet

The first five seconds of a Timeshare presentation are crucial because this is the part where you’re presenting yourself not the product.

Before meeting your clients try to put yourself in their shoes.

Your clients will have normally been brought in by taxi. Once they are in that taxi and start their journey to the resort, the stark reality of what they are doing suddenly hits them and they realise they’re on their way to “another one of those Timeshare presentations”. How do you think they are feeling at this point?

Probably very nervous and definitely a bit scared if they’ve attended a Timeshare presentation in the past and experienced the old five hours of Timeshare hard sell tactics.
They will have made a pact in the taxi to collect their gifts and get out of there as quickly as possible and not sign or agree to anything today.

Normally the dominant partner will have said to the sub-dominant partner to keep quite and let them do all the talking and they will be expecting some smooth talking, slick Timeshare sales person to be meeting them in reception just like the last time.

This is a massive defence wall they have built for sales protection through past experience and the longer they are in the taxi the stronger the wall will be. If you don’t get through that defence
shield during your presentation you will never get the deal no matter how many sales tactics and closing techniques you can use! So the sooner you can start breaking down the defense shield the better.

So how can you start to break down this defense shield right from the first moment?
Reverse psychology.

Throw them completely of balance right in the first five seconds. Don’t try to be smart and use power control tricks, that’s what there expecting. Just be yourself. They’re not expecting that. Remember these people are really very scared of you; for the first half an hour they will still feel very vulnerable so be extra sensitive to their body language.

These people are on holiday and they want to enjoy themselves so start to entertain them. Have fun. Make them wish they were staying on your resort instead of at the hotel they are actually staying at. Try to make them forget you’re a sales professional until you’ve calmed them down enough to start your presentation.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you break through the Timeshare sales defence

Don’t: Carry any sales material with you when you first meet your clients. That can be picked up later or be prepared and waiting in the presentation room. I didn’t even have a pen on show until I needed it I kept one in my trouser pocket out of site.

Do: use open body language when you first meet them and always include all family members in your introduction. Children can sell this for you if you get them on your side and Grandma and Grandpa will have a lot of influence in the final buying decision out of pure respect from their children. So don’t leave any body out when introducing yourself.

Do: get onto first name terms with all the people in the party. They will feel you have known them a lot longer if you use their first names right from the start. When they start using your first name then you’re just like old mates having a coffee together.

Don’t: be tempted to mention anything about the product at this stage even if they prompt you.

Do: Take immediate control and move your clients to the warm up area where you can order drinks and start to relax them even more

Do: ask them if they need the toilet on the way to the warm up area, they could have been stuck in traffic and the nerves will also have had an effect on their bladders. They might not be comfortable enough to ask for the toilet just yet so pre-empt it and watch the sigh of relieve cross their faces. With that one gesture you’ve just won a load of brownie points!

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