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Alan Roy Hocking a professional sales trainer and independent marketing consultant, spent his early years in the entertainment business and developed his love of being in front of an audience and working face to face with the public from there.

It was a natural move into direct sales where he could continue to earn a living doing what he enjoyed the most. Entertaining!

After a few years spent selling various products in the U.K. He eventually moved out to Spain and started to work for what was then a relatively small marketing company, selling Timeshare.

It was in Timeshare that he really started his professional sales career and has remained in the Timeshare industry ever since.

The one thing that seemed to stick out during his early sales experience was the severe lack of proper professional initial and ongoing sales training.

New recruits would always be given the usual basic product knowledge training, but then mostly, just like he himself had been, they were let loose on the public and expected to sell!

No wonder so many potentially good sales people fail in the early stages!

Ever since then, Alan has made it his personal mission and dedicated himself to studying the psychology behind why people buy, and passing on his knowledge to anyone who chooses to make selling a long term career and really wants to learn how to sell.

His straight forward, easy to understand and down to earth style of teaching and writing is a refreshing new look at the art of closing and has earned him quite a large following of regular readers to his Sales Training Blog: “Simple Sales And Marketing Solutions”.

The constant e-mails, words of encouragement and feedback received from his original blog has eventually lead to the release of his first Sales Training E-Book, “The Five Simple But Essential Steps To Getting The Sale

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