Simple Sales and Marketing Solutions Returns

After many sleepless nights and a considerable amount of hair loss I have decided to continue to publish my sales training articles on this blog: “Simple Sales and Marketing Solutions” instead of my new blog “The Simple Sales Training Blog”

Why my old Blogger Blog and not my new Wordpress blog on my Website?

A friend asked me a long time ago why I chose to start a Sales Training Blog instead of a Sales Training Website and the answer was simple.

I felt a Blog would be far more personal in the sense that you can interact with me, post questions in the comments section or e-mail me with specific details of a particular area of the sales process you might personally be having a problem overcoming. That way we can hold debates, answer specific questions and discuss certain topics in more detail. I would be interested in your feedback and opinion on this decision.

Why have I chosen to revert back to my old Blogger blog after using my new Wordpress blog on my website?

I personally am not a Webmaster nor do I have the time or skills to be able to maintain a proper website and I found that although Wordpress is a very powerful blogging script, it was far to complicated for me to use when all I want to do is simply post weekly articles on direct sales skills and answer your questions on closing techniques.

I also found that waiting on someone else to do any changes or updates to my Wordpress blog became very frustrating as I’m used to doing things myself on the day and in the moment.

Blogger offers me everything I need to be able to pass on my knowledge to anybody searching for the answers and on top is free to use and now quite comprehensive with many more gadgets and widgets available than when I first started using it.

And so “Simple Sales And Marketing Solutions” has been stripped down and will be completely re-built week by week with new articles and some of the old articles re-written.

As always we live in a fluid world and I’m sure the blog will grow and change over time but that’s just another reason for using a Blog and not a Website!

See you all next week.

If there’s a particular sales skill or closing technique that you would like me to cover in future articles, or an objection that you are having a problem overcoming, leave a comment below or drop me an e-mail to:

Remember: there is no such thing as a foolish question, only a fool who doesn’t ask questions.

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