Some Words You Should Avoid When Selling Timeshare

As in all direct sales situations, there are certain words or phrases you should never use if you want to be successful selling Timeshare and I don’t mean the word “Timeshare”.

It still amuses me how many Timeshare reps are afraid of the word “Timeshare” and will waste more time and effort denying that they sell Timeshare and trying to convince the clients that they are not on a “Timeshare presentation” than actually presenting the product and closing deals but that’s another subject I will be covering in the New Year.

For this week I want to look at how fine tuning your conversational skills and changing one simple word in your daily vocabulary, will not only improve your sales figures but will also help you avoid verbal confrontations in your everyday life and personal relationships outside of work.

Just as body language will reveal what a person is really saying or trying to conceal, there is a meta-language that we all use subconsciously to disguise what we really mean without being too abrupt or hurting the other person’s feelings.

In sales there is nothing wrong with making things sound more attractive to gain the clients interest otherwise we would never get a deal. But there are certain words that should be avoided at all costs.

Never say “Believe me” i.e.: “Believe me this is the best deal you’ll get” You’ve just told the clients not to believe you and that if they hold out a bit longer the deal will get better.

Never ever say “I’ll be honest with you…..” That just implies that you haven’t been honest up until now and there is no reason that you’re going to be honest in the future. In fact because you’ve just said your going to be honest is even more reason not to believe you in the first place and normally produces the gut feeling that the biggest lie of all is just about to fall out of your mouth.

The word I want you to concentrate on changing this week is the word “But”.

“Yes but!.....” “I know but........!” “You have a good point but..........!”

The word “But” is very argumentative. It screams “I disagree with you!” and I’m going to give you my point of view regardless, which will normally be met with a brick wall as your client starts to dig his heels in to protect his own point of view.

Now if we change the word “But” for “And” we have a completely different angle on things:

“Yes, and........” “I know, and..........” “You have a very valid point, and..........”

Do you see the difference? You have agreed with them, stroked their ego and now you’re adding your point of view and complementing their original statement.

Nobody can argue with someone who is agreeing with them and out of politeness they will have to listen to your point of view and agree with you as you are really only adding value to their point of view.

If they disagree with you now they are actually disagreeing with themselves and their original statement.

As always you will need to practice replacing “But” with “And” as it doesn’t come naturally at first, but once you have mastered it, not only will you see your sales figures increase, you’ll also find you’re getting into less arguments and confrontations in your private life as well.

See you next week.

If there’s a particular sales skill or closing technique that you would like me to cover in future articles, or an objection that you are having a problem overcoming, leave a comment below or drop me an e-mail

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