Selling To RCI Exchangers (Part 1)

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This weeks subject come thanks of John who sent me this email the other week.

So a big thanks John and I hope my book has helped a little.

Here is the email that he has kindly given me permission to use to help others who might be experiencing the same problems:

I am in-house rep for Massanutten Resort in Va. I am having so-so success with upgrading owners, but no success in selling to RCI exchangers. For what ever reason I get no interest in this beautiful resort. I build the value and solve their problems on how to better exchange, (I know they are lying when they say they have no problem). Any suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!


Firstly dealing with RCI exchangers can be a problem in itself as the mere fact that they are on your resort proves that the RCI exchange system works and we all know that people only buy another product or upgrade existing products when the product they already own stops working or they are offered a better option.

Secondly there is always an element of “pride of ownership” and nobody likes to be told they’ve been sold a pup or will admit that the resort they own at isn’t as good as the one they are staying at so we have to be extra gentle and subtle when dealing with this type of client.

My own experience was that they needed a very laid back approach. An almost, "I’m not even going to bother trying to sell you anything," we’ll just go through the motions because that’s what I get paid to do attitude.

The majority of my presentation would be spent in warm up, fact finding and just having fun.

The main answers I wanted were:

Did they buy their home resort because they liked the resort, it was close to home, or did they buy it as an exchange vehicle?

How often do they stay at their home resort and how often do they exchange?

Was this exchange their first choice and if it wasn’t why did they think they didn’t get their first choice?

What was their first choice and why?

And how often have they not got their first choice?

These are all standard fact finding questions when dealing with RCI exchange clients but the one I loved and would always leave till the end was:

If this was your resort, what facilities or things would you change or add to bring it up to the same standard as the resort you already own at?

I want to follow on from this next week as I think it’s impossible to cover this subject properly in one article so stay tuned for:

“Selling To RCI Exchangers Part 2”

See you all next week.

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