People Don’t Buy Products….............

I’m having a lot of fun at the moment working with a telemarketing company that sells Google advertising and manages Adwords Campaigns for small to medium sized businesses.

Whilst I was wandering around the sales floor the other day listening to the sales team and looking at areas for potential improvement, I was suddenly made aware of something I had forgotten a long time ago.

People don’t but products for what they are or what name is on the can.

They buy a product for what it will do for them!!

Now you would think the mere mention of the word “Google” would have people screaming out to get a part of it wouldn’t you?


Even Google advertising doesn’t sell just because it’s Google. It sells because of what Google advertising can do for your marketing campaign.

So I thought I would share this mornings training session with all of you. Even if we’ve heard it all before it sometimes helps to be reminded of the basics of selling.

"Sell the sizzle not the sausage!"


“I’m selling sausages, they’re small slightly curved edible pink things that are wrapped in a thin see through skin that is made from some part of an animal’s inside and they are stuffed with minced pig.” “Special offer today and today only €1.99 for six” “Do you want some?”

Not really do you?

Ok let’s try again.

“Sausages are really good things to buy because they are cheap, easy to cook and can be wrapped in pastry to make nice little aperitifs at a party or just thrown on the Barbie and eaten in the hand. Would you like some for your next party?”

A little better but not the best pitch yet.

How about:

“Just imagine waking up to the sound of a couple of sausages sizzling in the pan alongside the bacon and eggs. As you rub your eyes and climb out of bed you can smell the fresh aroma of a traditional English breakfast being cooked and sitting down at the breakfast table you see your plate with two lightly fried crispy brown pork sausages that as you cut into them are all fluffy and pink inside. Can you imagine how it’s going to taste when you put the first piece in your mouth?”

Now do want some sausages?

Of course you do and I bet you want them right now don’t you? Not tomorrow right now! You won’t have to ask your partner if you should eat them will you?

Do you get the idea? It’s all about painting the picture, putting your client in the picture then building the desire and getting your client to want it there and then.

You wont sell your product just because it's got a good high profile branded name. You have to sell your product on what it will do for your client or how it will make them feel using their senses to build the desire.

I’m going to carry on next week by showing you how to adapt the sausage pitch into selling your resort until then, sell the sizzle and not the sausage!

See you all next week...........

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