Probably The Best Job In The World!!

I’m often asked if it’s a good time to start a career selling timeshare in the present financial climate and I posted an article earlier this year entitled “Selling Timeshare In The Recession”

Apart from the fact that the experts are now telling us that we are through the worst of the recession and that we will start to see a slow but steady recovery by the end of this year, I firmly believe any time is a good time to start a career not just Selling Timeshare but to start a career in any sales industry.

Let’s just look briefly at some of the benefits of earning a living as a commission only sales person:

1. There is no limit to your earnings. You decide how much you want to earn and set your goals to achieve it.

2. You can work as hard or as little as you choose based on what you want to earn.

3. In most commission only based sales jobs you are your own boss and get to work out in the open, on the road visiting clients as apposed to being stuck in an office.

4. Commission only sales jobs are very rarely nine to five so there is a certain amount of freedom in setting out your working day and week.

Now let’s look at Selling Timeshare as a career choice:

I think Selling Timeshare has got to be THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!

For those of you who have turned up on your resorts today feeling “Here we go again” and are ready to go through the motions and hope a deal pops out of somewhere, lets just take a minute to remind ourselves of just how lucky we are.

Added to the above benefits are:

5. You earn a living spending your working days on a beautiful holiday resort speaking to people who are on holiday about holidays!

6. You get to walk around the resort, sit by the pool have a cool drink in the beach bar and you’re surrounded by happy people chilling out and relaxing.

It’s almost like being on a permanent holiday yourself and to top it all of you can earn more money this year than your Doctor can stuck in his surgery each day!

When I was a rep I used to get so buzzed up in the mornings just thinking about the day ahead because I really believed I had the best job in the world. I would remind myself every day on my way to the resort what the pool bar was like how nice the apartments were. I would picture the Jacuzzi’s in the en-suite bathrooms and I would think about how I was going to feel walking through the immaculately kept gardens on my way to the health center and spa.

I loved my job and I still do. I would have no hesitation to go back to being a sales rep and often miss the buzz.

Selling Timeshare is a fantastic career for those who learn to love what they do and it can be the path to much greater things if you want to progress through to management and eventually run your own resort.

It is also one of the few sales jobs that offer you the opportunity to travel and work anywhere in the world so just remind yourselves once more how lucky you are.

You probably have the best job in the world!

See you all next week.

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