Professional Sales Trainer on the Costa del Sol

Alan Roy Hocking
Author, Professional Sales Trainer,
Independent Marketing Consultant and
Personal Development Coach is now available for individual or Group Training Sessions along the Costa del Sol

Alan Roy Hocking has over twenty years personal experience selling timeshare on the Costa del Sol, the latter part of which has been dedicated to the Recruiting and Training of Timeshare Sales Professionals for Resort Marketers World Wide,
Alan offers a refreshing look at the psychology behind the sales process and can train on all aspects of Sales and Marketing Techniques.

His relaxed and easy going manner, along with an easy to understand and down to earth style of teaching and writing is a welcomed new look at the art of closing sales and has earned him quite a large following of regular readers to this Blog: “Simple Sales And Marketing Solutions”.

Alan has made it his personal mission to dedicate himself to studying the psychology behind why people buy, and passing on his knowledge to anyone who chooses to make selling a long term career and really wants to learn how to sell more efficiently.

The constant e-mails, words of encouragement and feed back received from this long running Blog, have eventually lead to the release of his first E-Book, “The Five Essential steps to closing the sale” and the decision to go freelance and offer his training services to all Sales and Marketing Companies along the Costa del Sol looking for a fresh input into their existing Sales Training Programmes.

Training can be arranged on an individual or group basis to cover all aspects of Sales and Marketing including:

Points Clubs
Holiday Clubs
RCI and II Exchange
Cold Line Sales Teams
In-House Sales Teams
Direct Sales
Customer Services
Business Development
Personal Development
Internet Marketing
Public Relations

For a no obligation call and to discuss your requirements in more details contact:

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