Selling To RCI Exchangers (Part 2)

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Last week we looked a little into how to sell your resort to clients on an RCI exchange holiday and as I pointed out, the biggest problem when selling to RCI exchangers is that the mere fact that they are on your resort proves that the RCI exchange system works and we all know that people only buy another product or upgrade existing products when the product they already own stops working or they are offered a better option.

For those of you who didn’t read part 1 follow this link first.

Secondly there is always that element of “pride of ownership” and nobody likes to be told they’ve been sold a pup or will admit that the resort they own at isn’t as good as the one they are staying at so we have to be extra gentle and subtle when dealing with this type of client.

I ended the article with a favorite closing question I always use to use:

“If this was your resort, what facilities or things would you change or add to it, to bring it up to the same standard of the resort you already own at?”

What was I trying to achieve with that question?

I always found that if I could get my clients to compare my resort and their own resort themselves; they didn’t feel as if I was trying to sell my resort to them or pick holes in their home resort.

Now we have to remember that people will only buy something if their existing product stops giving them the service it used to, or they see something newer, better value for money or they feel that they are upgrading to a higher standard.

This is even more evident with people on an RCI exchange.

So what can you do?

You can only sell your resort on these buying factors:
  1. The yearly maintenance fee is cheaper but the exchange power is higher therefore offering a more cost effective exchange vehicle. (Financial – Saving money in the long run)

  2. There are more or better facilities on your resort therefore representing an upgrade in their existing ownership to a higher standard resort. Resort of International Distinction or Gold Crown. (Keeping up with Joneses or Ego sale)

  3. New development planned in future so your apartment will be worth far more in a few more years. (Better return on Investment should you sell at a later date. (Greed sale)

The key to closing the RCI exchanger is to get them to point out one of those points themselves and they will have sold themselves and be asking you to help them upgrade!

I have to admit that I found the clients on an RCI exchange the hardest to sell to and there are times when we all have to admit that some people can’t be sold.

As long as you can honestly say to yourself after the presentation that you had tried everything you could. Gave it 100% of your effort, and you are 100% sure that nobody else could have sold them either, then don’t beat yourself up and get down, accept it as one of your “No’s” and realize it just means you’re one “No” closer to the next “YES!”

See you all next week.

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Jennifer Williams said...

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