Canvassing For New Business (Part 2)

Last week we took a look at the difficult job of looking for new clients.

Those of you who missed it might like to read last weeks article first.

This week I want to look at how to ask for those referrals and add a few more simple ideas to help you find more customers.

Market surveying existing customers on follow up calls is always a good exercise to determine when they are likely to need to replace or upgrade to newer or better products. If they are happy this is also an excellent opportunity to ask for those referrals we talked about in last week’s article.

Asking for referrals is very easy when you know your clients are happy with everything. My pitch would go something like: “I’m glad you’re happy with everything John and I’m pleased I’ve been able to help you out.” You know that most of my business comes through word of mouth and personal recommendation.” “Just like you where recommended by George, I’m sure you must know a couple of people just like yourself who could use my services/products and I could help as well?” “In fact George probably told you I always offer a little incentive to any of my clients who recommend me to their friends and family.”

Remember it is always worth offering your clients some sort of financial reward or incentive to give you referrals no matter how small it is. You would have had to spend the money somewhere on marketing anyway so this is a much more productive way of directing some of your marketing costs and will bring you much better results.

Always contact existing clients with any new products/services or upgrades that are available to them, you’ll be surprised how many customers will by want to upgrade and could buy something every year.

Most companies will have a customer services department that deals with complaints.

Don’t be afraid to take on some of the problem customers.

An unhappy client can be worth their weight in gold for referrals if you just happen to be the only one who could solve their problem.

Make sure your business cards are of the best quality you can afford and that they stand out from the crowd. I even have a friend who has his picture on his cards because he knows most people will remember his face long after they’ve forgotten him.

There are a lot of companies that although they offer different products and services will work along side each other and deal with the same types of customers. For example your plumber could recommend a good electrician; roofers know plasterers, gardeners know someone who maintains swimming pools etc.

Think of who else you know who would deal with your type of customer and arrange to swap client bases or again pass on referrals or recommend each other.

And lastly don’t forget to do some cold calling remember every person you speak to is a potential client.

The list of potential new clients is endless if you just use a little imagination and start thinking out of the box.

Hope this last two weeks has given you some new ideas for lead generation.

See you all next week when I’ll be going back to some more hardcore Timeshare Sales Techniques.

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