“I Sell Timeshare!”

I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago entitled “Probably The Best Job In The World” all about how I truly believe that selling Timeshare is the best job in the world and it was nice to receive an e-mail from Rajbir who after eight years in the industry also shares my views.

I was further reminded of it when we were in our local campo bar the other evening having a cold beer after work and our girls started playing with the young daughter of another couple who were sitting a few tables away from us.

After a little while my wife wandered over to the couple to say hello and make sure that our girls weren’t being a pain.

As she got talking to them it turned out that they were actually staying at the resort where I’m working at the moment on a fly buy promotion. She quite proudly told them “Alan works there.” “He’s on the cold line”. “Come over and meet him we can all have a beer together while the girls are playing.”

Now a few years ago this would have been the kiss of death to any conversation in a bar and I have even used it to get rid of someone who I don’t want to talk to. When I’ve had enough and they started becoming a pest I would always steer the conversation around to get them to ask me what I did for a living knowing full well that when I said “I sell Timeshare!” the conversation would end rapidly and they would normally make their excuses and leave at the first opportunity!

This time however the couple eagerly picked up their drinks and came back over with my wife and sat down with us.

After telling me what a beautiful resort it was and their reasons for not buying which I won’t go into here but were genuinely due to personal circumstances and not an objection that could have been overcome, we just got chatting and have become really good friends. We met up again before they went home and they reminded me again of how lucky I was to have the job I did. We have swapped emails and will definitely meet up each time they get out to Spain or we go to England.

The whole point of this article is:

How far we have come since I first started selling Timeshare over twenty years ago. Thanks to companies like Marriott, Hilton, Disney, MacDonald’s and now even Butlin’s with their Blueskies holiday club the words: Timeshare, Holiday Ownership, Vacation Ownership, Fractional Ownership, Points clubs and Holiday Clubs have now become accepted in Europe and a career in the holiday ownership industry has now become a respected profession and lost the stigma it had many years ago when I first started.

So if you sell Timeshare or any other form of Fractional Ownership or Holiday Club, be proud of what you do. Lets all fight towards cleaning up the image of the “Professional Timeshare Salesperson”

What do you think?

What has been the reaction when you have told someone that you sell Timeshare?

Leave your comments below.

See you next week.

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