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Although this blog is predominantly about selling Timeshare, I like to cover all aspects of sales and marketing problems. So this week I want to look at the biggest problem of all for the freelance direct sales person.

Finding new clients!

Unless your leads are supplied by your company, canvassing for new business has always been a major headache for any body working in direct sales. You really need to have a good marketing plan set out if you want to be a successful. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, if you don’t have anybody to sell it to you’re not going to make any money are you! So let’s look at some simple ways to generate new leads.

The best source of new business is repeat business.

Look for referrals from your existing client base. This is probably your first and most important source of new business. Providing your existing client base have been well sold and looked after properly after the sale, they will be more than happy to recommend you and your products to their friends, family and even their own clients.

If you can get them to call their friends first before you call them it’s even better. It’s not just a new lead it’s now become a warm lead!

Just imagine how easy your next call could be?

“Hi is that Bob?” “Its Alan calling,” “John asked me to give you a call he said you might be interested in……”

Work it out. If you have an existing client base of 100 and each one gave you three referrals you now have 300 new warm leads to call.

You should convert at least 100 of them and if each one of them gave you three referrals you now have another 300 warm leads to call!

This system will work every time as long as you have a good product, have built a good working relationship with your clients and they are getting a good after sales service if your product requires it.

If you work the referral system properly you will never have to cold call again!

Even a new sales person can adapt this method of canvassing right from the start.

Instead of getting the phone book out and blindly cold calling every number in alphabetical order, look first at your own circle of family, friends and associates.

You should know what type of person would need your products or services, so start looking for who you already know that might be happy buying those products and services from you. Think of the people you know in your local pub or social club. If you are a member of a golf club or society these are always very good sources to network and find new clients.

Next week I’ll cover how to ask for referrals. There are many other ways to look for new clients instead of cold calling and I’m going to cover some more of them in the next few weeks. For now start working your existing client base and never cold call again!

See you all next week.

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