Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket and Four Chairs Advertising Are Breaking Down The Barriers Of Timeshare!

Starting from the 1st of August Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket Europe’s leading timeshare resale company are showing a 60 second commercial promoting the concept of timeshare. This will be shown on the new ‘Travel Deals Direct’ channel 647 on the Sky platform.

This is an industry first, as it’s not selling from the TV; it’s more about “finding out more” and trying to educate the public and increase their awareness of timeshare.

The ad explains that timeshare is the opportunity to own for life, with affordable luxury in five star accommodation around the globe. It also explains that you can exchange your week for similar resorts around the world if you so desire, giving you the chance to see the world, it also says “all you need to do is pay a realistic management fee, which covers the running of the resort, and pay for your flights”.

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket and Four Chairs Advertising have also teamed up with TATOC (The Association for Timeshare Owners and Committees) and Owners Perspective Magazine which gives those that watch the commercial the opportunity to explore further and provides a level of reassurance and transparency.

Paul Mattimoe, CEO of Perspective International said “It is important, especially in the current economic climate where cost and value for money are paramount in the mind of the consumer, that leading companies within the timeshare industry take the opportunity to stand proud and begin to educate the next generation of timeshare owners.”

Phil Watson Managing Director of Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket, with the technical direction of Terry Rose from Four Chairs Advertising, has negotiated sponsorship of the Travel Channel and already run a number of successful competitions. Terry said “the whole concept of timeshare being a main sponsor of a Travel Channel is truly amazing and a great achievement and with Phil Watson’s forward thinking, timeshare is moving forward with many other plans already in motion.”

DeVere Hotels & Resorts are be supplying a major prize for the competition in August, with Seasons PLC sponsoring the competition in September.

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket together with Seasons PLC will also feature on the Travel programme ‘travel today’, which is shown across Europe, again a major first in the world of timeshare.

Phil Watson was quoted as saying “we have made major steps towards educating the public about timeshare and what it has to offer. We have the ability to offer a family the chance to go on holiday to luxury resorts at sensible prices and buy into a lifestyle.”

Phil added “Both myself and Terry have many projects in hand and welcome other resorts to join in, not only are resorts such as DeVere Hotels & Resorts and Seasons PLC gaining TV exposure, but they also get the chance to contact the competition entries afterwards, adding even more awareness of their respective companies and the timeshare industry.

For more information on joining this initiative contact:
Phil Watson ~ Managing Director
Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket
Tel: +44 (0)871 781 6 781
Mob: +44 (0)7770 498349

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