You Have To Open Before You Can Close!

An old manager of mine had a favourite saying.

“You have to open before you can close”

What he was getting at was you have to open up your clients before you can even start to close them into buying anything.

We all know that we can’t sell to a closed mind so I want share with you and old trick I used with my managers help to calm my clients down and get them feeling like old friends right from the very start of my presentation.

Now I know most people will tell you that once you have introduced yourself to your clients you should never leave them on their own. I would firmly agree with that once you have started presenting your products, but what we are looking at here is a subtle way of opening up your clients’ right in the beginning before you even break the pact and start your warm up.

Once I had met my clients in the reception and introduced myself, I would take them through to the warm up terrace and sit them down. I would make light conversation ask a few questions about where they were staying and how they had been brought in to the resort etc and then I would ask them if they would like a tea or coffee and leave them to go and order their drinks.

This first time with them would only last about five to ten minutes and I would leave them for around five minutes to relax and enjoy the view over the swimming pools.

When I went back I would apologies for being so long and tell them I had got caught up with my manager Paul who hopefully would pop by to say hello a bit later on if he had time.

I would now start my warm up and fact finding.

Around half an hour later my manager would come over to my table and tell me that there was an important phone call for me so I would apologise again and leave them with my manager and offer to order some more drinks while I was gone.

By the time I came back my manager had done his warm up and psychologically this was now my third meeting with them and we were just like old friends!

This was a game we would play on every tour and it worked like a treat for us.

I would make sure that I made another opportunity to get my manager back on the table sometime during the presentation to answer some very important question that my clients had brought up so that when he came back on at the end to put the price down, it was also his third time of meeting them and he was now an old friend they had met twice before who was going to help them get the best deal possible.

The reason this little game works is because of the way our subconscious mind works.

When we meet someone for the first time we are total strangers. When we then meet the same person/people for the second time we are not strangers any more we already know each other from the first time we met so we are more open to getting to know each other better. By the third time we meet someone as long as we liked them on the first and second meeting we subconsciously log them in our memories as old friends regardless of the time factor between meetings.

This will work every time as long as it is executed smoothly and with complete naturalness. So go and ask your manager if he/she is willing to play the game.

I’m sure if it means getting more deals he/she will be more than happy to try it out.

See you all next week.

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