How Do You Overcome The Objection We Want To Think About It

I am inundated with emails every week asking how to get over the objections:

“We never do anything on the day.”

“We always like to think things through before we make any decisions.”

“That’s brilliant. We’ll take all the paperwork away with us and we’ll let you know in a day or two!”

The last thing a Professional Timeshare Salesperson wants to hear at the end of what you think has been a good presentation on the benefits of Holiday Ownership is: “You’re very good at your job and it all looks fantastic, but obviously we couldn’t make a decision today. We need to go away and way it all up.”

Now there have been endless sales training books written on the art of overcoming objections and closing any deal and most sales training books will have a section dedicated to overcoming the most common sales objections normally at the end of the book.

I even thought of including a section on the most effective responses to the fifteen most common objections in my own book: “The Five Simple but Essential Steps to Getting the Sale” but I decided that there where already enough very good sales books out there covering the subject probably better than I can and I didn’t want to just repeat the same old closes again.

I can only relate what I have found in my own personal experience when I myself have been faced with the objection “We want to think about it.” No matter what clever closes or smart answers I have used it has always boiled down to my own fault.

There have only been two reasons I ever got the objection “I want to think about it”:

1. I gave them too much information and therefore created a situation where their heads were full of useless stuff that wasn’t relevant to their own personal holidays so of course they needed to think about it.


2. I didn’t make them want it enough!

The key to the whole thing in my opinion is keeping it simple and making them want it!

I guarantee if you can make someone want something badly enough they won’t just want it today!

They will want it right there and then!

When was the last time you saw something you really wanted and that you could comfortably afford?

I bet you didn’t have to think very long about whether you should buy it or not did you?

How long was it before you where walking out of the shop or showroom with it under your arm?

I don’t there is a magic formula or clever closers response to overcome “We want to think about it” I think all you need to do is make them want it enough and the only thing they will need to think about is how they would prefer to pay for it!

Let’s have some feed back on this problem that all Professional Timeshare Sales Consultants all around the world have to face everyday so that we can all learn from each other.

What do you do to get around the objection “I want to think about it”?

What tips can you give our other readers to overcome “We never do anything on the day”?

I’m looking forward to all your comments.


Blake said...

You’re absolutely right when you say it’s our fault when this objection (excuse) comes up.

We either have not made them want it enough for them to take action right away or have not built up enough urgency on why today is the best time to make a choice.

I've seen sales reps approach this excuse several different ways. Most approach it with a clever come back and closing technique. But usually that’s to fuel their ego and win the battle, when they end up losing the war.

The best validate their concern and try to understand why they feel they need more time. Ask them how much time will they need and then find out what part of ownership are they unsure of. By going thru the four why's you will be able to uncover the real objection.

Why Vacation
Why Vacation Ownership
Why (your company)
Why today

By going thru all four again and getting a commitment before moving on I'm sure you will uncover more information that leads you to start addressing the real issue

Alan Roy Hocking said...

Thanks for your input Blake. Great Comment. The sooner we accept that it's our fault and stop blaming the clients, the sooner we will all start closing more deals on the day. I love your four why's method. That's exactly how to handle the objection. Agree. Confirm. Isolate and Overcome.

What other good closing techniques for overcoming this objection are out there?