The Five Simple But Essential Steps To Getting The Sale!

Close More Deals On The Day Using These Tried And Tested Timeshare Sales Techniques!

The The Five Simple But Essential Steps To Getting The Sale is the first Timeshare Sales Training e-Book written by popular Author and Professional Sales Trainer Alan Roy Hocking.

"The Five Simple But Essential Steps To Getting The Sale" will teach you the Secrets to Closing More Deals using Tried and Tested Timeshare Sales Techniques that are guaranteed to have you closing more sales and turning all those "No's" into "Yes's"!!

In these more difficult economic times, The Five Simple But Essential Steps To Getting The Sale  will make all the difference to your sales figures and closing percentages by using five simple but fail proof Timeshare Sales Techniques guaranteed to get you through the toughest of sales objections and Close The Deal On The Day Every Time!
"In all my years of Selling Timeshare and teaching Timeshare Sales Techniques, it has always amazed me how difficult everyone makes it!"

"The whole Timeshare Sales Process is as easy or as hard as you want it to be!"

"The only hard part about Selling Timeshare, is learning how to make it easy."

Having written several Timeshare sales training manuals over the years for various Timeshare sales and telemarketing companies, I'm pleased to be able to share some simple but powerful Timeshare sales techniques here with you all in this, my first Timeshare Sales Training eBook.

The Five Simple But Essential Steps To Getting The Sale will take you from the all important, but largely overlooked “Self Preparation” right through to “Closing The Deal On The Day!" In an easy to read and down to earth format that will have you returning to the book over and over again whenever you need inspiration or a quick refresher course to boost your sales figures.

Inside The Book:

•About The Author
•Introduction To Timeshare Sales Training
•Know Your Enemy
•The Importance Of Proper Self Preparation
•Meet And Greet
•Warm Up
•Breaking The Pact
•The Purpose of the Statement of Intent
•Fact Finding, The Foundation Of Your Timeshare Sales Presentation
•The Simple Timeshare Sales Presentation
•Closing The Deal on the Day!
•Free Bonus Chapter!: A Tried And Tested Three Step Formula Guaranteed To Overcome Any Timeshare Sales Objection
•Final Word

This is not just another one of those “The Ultimate Timeshare Sales Training Course” that we see so many of on the Internet these days, or one of those "sign up for the free introduction Sales Training Course today" and then I'll charge you an arm and a leg for the rest of the sales course later on schemes either.

Neither is it a "get rich quick" solution, you will still need to do the hard work and close the deals!

However this ebook will show you how to close more deals, easier than you've ever imagined!

It’s a complete step by step Timeshare Sales Training Manual that teaches you Simple Tried And Tested Timeshare Sales Closing Techniques I have used to earn me a six figure income and I’m sure it will help you to earn a six figure income as well.

Can you afford not to have The Five Simple But Essential Steps To Getting The Sale in your collection of Essential Timeshare Sales Training Books?