Home Based Internet Business Scams

Earn a five figure income working only three hours a day from the comfort of your own home!

All you need is a laptop and a mobile phone!

I don’t think so!

Beware of the latest work from home and earn a fortune MLM or pyramid scams that are becoming far too common on the internet these days. Sadly I am seeing more and more of them advertised in our local papers every week.

I’m not saying that every home based internet business opportunity out there is an MLM or Pyramid Scam, I’m just saying be very careful and check into the company background, the terms and conditions, commission structure and any small print or hidden costs before you sign up, enroll or hand over any money or bank and credit card details. Remember the old adage “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”

I would like to know if Bill Gates or Richard Branson managed to earn their fortunes working only three hours a day and any well established internet marketer like Seth Godin or Problogger Darren Rowse will tell you they probably work more hours in any one week than you do.

I have to admit, even I got curious at all the fantastic offers out there to free up my time and earn me a fortune at the same time as travelling around the world and just enjoying myself so I started doing a little research and this is what I came up with.

1. To get more information you need to fill out an online request form for more information giving your e-mail address and a contact telephone NÂș then you go to your email and just click on the confirmation link in the e-mail they send you to confirm your address and that you would like more information. (You have now been added to a mass mailing list and although they insist that they would never sell or pass on your personal information, my spam box tripled with spam e-mails only minutes after filling out a couple of these online requests.)

2. Next you will get a call from your personal contact that originally placed the advert you replied to and after a brief chat will give you a free phone number to call at a certain time and date to listen in to a “live” information conference call. (This is the motivational part where there is “live” input from real people who have already taken the plunge and are telling how it changed their lives and they have never looked back since and telling you to do the same.) There is no hard sell at this point and the only money mentioned is how much they are all earning.

3. Only after you have enrolled and paid the initial enrollment fee (You will be offered a free website or some other marketing benefit for this money to make it seem like it’s a good investment) will you be given the full breakdown of how the commission structure works.

After doing a little more digging around and research into the commission structures, it seems that the majority of these systems work on an MLM or Pyramid Systems where you have to become an activated associate before you can start earning your money which usually means selling a certain amount of product/s first or even buying them yourself.


Until you do this all your commissions will be paid to the person who introduced you and any commissions earned by someone you introduced would also pass on to the person who introduced you until you had become an active associate yourself!

So some people are making enormous amounts of money out of these home based internet businesses but it’s normally the people who own them or the ones that got in at the beginning or top of the pyramid making all the money. I am not saying that all schemes run like this I am just saying that all the ones I have researched up until now did and I would welcome your opinions if you know different and can prove me wrong. I would also like to hear from anyone who has been ripped off by these so called fool proof money making schemes.

Leave your comments below and let others know about the good ones or the bad ones and which ones we can trust or which ones we should avoid.

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