Work From Home - Starting Your Own Home Based Internet Business

Welcome to 2010 I want to start this year’s articles by looking at some genuine ways to build a successful Home Based Online Marketing Business.

After over twenty years in the Timeshare Industry the latter part of which has been spent mostly recruiting and training new sales consultants and reps, I once again found myself out of work or Surplus to requirements due to the cut backs or changes in products and company policies.

“Does that sound familiar to you?”

As most of that twenty years had been spent as a self employed freelance consultant, with no unemployment back up or way of replacing that income other than finding another job, I soon realized that at fifty years old this was becoming increasingly more difficult and I was rapidly eating into any savings I had built up through all my hard graft, for someone else’s business and benefit.

“Does that sound familiar to you?”

It was the turning point in my life when I realized that the only person I could really rely on for a secure long term career and guaranteed income was me!

I wanted to create my own business that I could run from my home, work the hours I chose to and generally fit my work around my life instead of trying to fit my life around my work as I had done so often in the past.”

“Does that sound familiar to you as well?”

I have been writing articles for my Sales and Marketing Blog: Simple Sales And Marketing Solutions and my personal Blog: In Between The Tapas And Tantrums for a quite a while and they are both getting regular traffic and good reviews so I decided that if I could market and sell other peoples products and build up their businesses so well, why can’t I market and sell my own products and build my own business?

This year’s articles will be mainly focusing on the successes and failures, joys and frustrations and ups and downs that I have experienced along my almost two year journey to eventually achieving my dreams and the financial freedom of being my own boss and producing and selling my own products through my own home based internet business.

“Don’t waste two years of your valuable time or maybe even give up!”

Use my experiences of what works and what doesn’t work and cut all the guess work out of making money on the internet.”

Keep dropping by for regular updates and check out My Youtube Channel where I will be posting a series of Free Sales Training and Marketing Videos over the next few months.

So here’s to a very healthy, wealthy, prosperous and successful home based internet marketing 2010 for us all.

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