Affiliate Marketing – What Is It? How does it Work? And Can I Make Any Money From It!

When someone tells you they’re an affiliate marketer, what sort of business does that conjure up in your mind?

I’m often asked when I’m out socializing, “What is it you actually do for a living these days?”
And when I answer “Affiliate Marketing” I get all sorts of strange and enquiring looks.

Unfortunately Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing to the average person in the street will still be pigeon holed into the MLM, Network Marketing or internet based Pyramid “Scams” that every one hears about these days but doesn’t really know what it’s all about or how it really works. After all, good news doesn’t sell newspapers or get you on the front page of Google these days does it!

Apart from the illegal “pyramid scams” that are illegal and are scams. Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing are all very legal and in most cases very lucrative home based business opportunities that anyone can get involved in today and build up quite a healthy second or even main income stream.

With more and more households possessing at least one computer in their homes, Marketing products or services through the internet makes perfect sense to any business that wants to stay in business. You only have to look at all the major companies and household names that are spending billions of dollars advertising on the internet to realize what a fantastic opportunity you have to build your own marketing business on the internet.

So what is Affiliate or Internet Marketing? How does it work? And how much can you earn from it?

To start with although all the different types of internet and online marketing programs are very closely linked and can be even more beneficial to your marketing and business success when they are used together, they are all very different in how they work and what can be achieved as far as your earning potential is concerned.

Different marketing strategies work better with certain types of marketing programs or products and I’m going to be covering some of the different types of Network Marketing and Business opportunities available to you over the coming weeks.

I’m starting this series with Affiliate Marketing and how to use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to build your list of potential customers.

If you have a particular subject you would like me to cover in the future, drop me an email or feel free to add your own thoughts and comments below.

See you all next week.

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