Direct Sales Training Workshop Starts Next Week!

I never get tired of all the Direct Sales Training and Coaching that I’ve done over the years.

I still believe that Direct Sales is one of the most exciting and rewarding careers you can choose and even more rewarding than selling, is training and coaching other people on how to be successful and professional in their selling careers.

So by popular demand I am going to be posting a series of articles from a Sales Training Workshop that I did for a large Timeshare company here on the coast last year and I’m going to cover some of the most effective Timeshare closing techniques that can be adapted and used in all types of Direct Sales Presentations.

I’m going to look at the entire sales process from A to Z from your initial meet and greet right through to asking for the sale and closing the deal on the day!

I will be revealing some closely guarded closing techniques and secrets that all the top performers like to keep to themselves and I will be taking a look at and reviewing some of the best sales training books available in the market place.

If you have already learned that in the Direct sales industry you can never stop learning bookmark this site today.

At the end of the workshop we are going to take a deeper look inside Sales Training and Coaching for anyone who feels they would like to move into man management and start a rewarding career as a Sales Trainer and I will also be covering the pros and cons of how to set yourself and find work as a Freelance Sales Trainer.

If there is a particular subject you would like me to cover drop me an email or leave a comment below so that we can all join in the discussion.

Remember there is no such thing as a foolish question.

It’s the fool that doesn’t ask questions!

See you all next week.

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