Internet Marketing - Choosing The Right Product Or Company To Promote

With the explosion of Social Networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, anyone with access to a computer, internet and a good social network marketing system can start a very successful Internet Marketing Business today and enjoy all the benefits of working from home and spending more quality time with their friends and family.

But where do you start if you want to join the new Wealth and Wellness Internet Boom?

Everywhere you look these days we are being bombarded with the “Ultimate Work from Home Business Opportunity” that promises to earn you a “Six Figure Income” for only two hours work a week! It’s no wonder so many people get confused and can unfortunately waste valuable time and money signing up with the wrong companies or trying to promote the wrong products, just because the “Work from Home Opportunity” sales page sounded so good.

It’s a fact that around 95% of all the people that start out in the Home Based Internet Marketing business with all the right enthusiasm and all the will in the world will fail in the first twelve months and unfortunately go back to looking for a “Proper Job” just because they didn’t choose the right products to start with.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be posting some helpful tips on what is hot in the Internet Marketing circles and where people really are making money. But for now, here are a few guidelines I personally use when choosing a product or company to promote on my websites:

1. Would I buy and use the product myself?

2. Would I be quite happy promoting and selling it to my friends and family?

3. What are other people saying about the company and their products in forums and searches?

4. Am I just signing up because of the promise of "Unlimited Wealth and Riches"?

5. Is the compensation plan realistic and believable?

These are just a few pointers for now. I'm going to look at each one and more on an individual basis over the coming weeks so stay tuned.

If you have a specific query you would like answered leave a comment below so we can all join in the discussion or email me at:

Remember “There is no such thing as a foolish question. It’s the fool who doesn’t ask questions!”

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