Internet Marketing On A Budget

I’m overwhelmed by the amount of emails I’ve received over the last few weeks from all the out of work moms and dads who would love to start an internet marketing business but really don’t have any spare cash to invest into some of the work from home business opportunities available, and they just don’t know how to get started on a tight budget.

I’m pleased to say that anyone can start a successful home based internet business with very little or even no initial investment at all if you know howto do it.

Over the next couple of months I’m going to reveal exactly how I started working from home and built my own affiliate marketing business with just $10!

Before we look at how I did it, I want to blow a few internet marketing myths away and tell you what you don’t need to spend money on when you first start!

1. You don’t need an all singing all dancing “Free Search Engine Optimized Company Website” that’s guaranteed to earn you money in the first five minutes! (They’re not “Free” you’ll end up paying for it somewhere down the line.)

2. You don’t need to tie yourself up into any monthly hosting packages!

3. You don’t even need a website to start with if you haven’t got the money to invest in one just yet.

4. And you don’t even need your own products!

Ok I know I said that anyone can get started with minimal or no start up costs but it goes without saying that to run a successful home based internet business you will need a computer with internet access in your home.

I do know of a few people that have set up and started running very small businesses using internet cafes for an hour a day but they eventually invested in a cheap laptop or desktop computer later on when they found that internet cafes aren’t always open, or are sometimes full just when you are getting an inspirational moment and need to post something important on your blog!

This is not going to be a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” but if you keep dropping by over the next few weeks and months I’m going to teach you how to start and build a successful internet marketing business with minimal outlay that will eventually earn you and your family a substantial passive monthly income for a very long time.

In the meantime click on the image link above or here and check out the book 101 Internet Businesses You Can Start From Home for some excellent start up ideas.

Stay tuned and I’ll see you all next week.

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