What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent Work From Home Internet Business that has everything going for it. It can be started with little or no start up costs and if worked correctly can eventually earn you a Six Figure Income!

But what is Affiliate Marketing?

If you have a business that sells a product or service to the public or trade, you will only survive if people know you exist and people know what your product or services can do for them. So no matter how good your product is or how big your company is, you will only stay in business if you have customers that want your products or services.

That means you have to advertise yourself in the market place or you’re going to be sat with a lot of unsold stock on your shelves!

There are numerous forms of advertising and marketing strategies that a business can use these days but the most cost effective way is “Affiliate Marketing”

Affiliate Marketing is a win win situation for both the merchant and affiliate alike.

You can use all the traditional methods of advertising like: flyers, mail shots, newspapers, television, websites which are all very effective and will always produce results but you can never be 100% sure that you are reaching your target audience or really manage to track the results.

With Affiliate Marketing you only pay for results. That is why it is so cost effective for the merchant.

From an Affiliates point of view you get paid just for recommending new potential clients that convert into customers for the merchant.

You probably don’t realize it yet but you have been Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing all your life. You just haven’t been paid for it in the past!

When was the last time you recommended a good pub or restaurant you liked and the person you recommended it to went and spent over $100 the next weekend on a nice meal and thanked you for the recommending it to them?

Did the owner of the restaurant thank you and give you $10 for sending him business?

Well there are thousands of companies out there willing to do just that and actually pay you for recommending their products and services to other people! The nuts and bolts of how it all works we’ll be covering over the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Next week I want to look at the main benefits to you as an Affiliate Marketer.

Have a good weekend.

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