Direct Sales Training Workshop

Thank you all for joining me on the Direct Sales Training Workshop.

Although I do have a set structure that I am going to be following to make this workshop work and flow naturally from one step to another I’m sure as the weeks unfold and we receive more and more input and comments from yourselves we might need to deviate a little here and there in between.

To kick the first session off, I just wanted to dispel one of the biggest myths and mistakes that we all fall into when we start a career in Direct Sales.

People don’t buy your product just for the name on the Tin!

If you are lucky enough to work for Disney Vacation Club then you do have a slight advantage as far as company background and product credibility goes over someone who works for a brand new marketing company selling a resort that nobody has ever heard of! But you still have to sell the concept first and make the clients want what you’ve got, no matter who you work for.

You won’t make many sales just running around waving your arms about shouting “It’s Disney Vacation Club!”

“So what!”

“I hate Mickey Mouse!”

Could be the answer you get.

The point I’m trying to make here is that people buy things for what it will do for them, not because it’s got a household name.

It makes no difference if it’s Marriott’s, Hiltons, Disney World or an old tin shack in the middle of nowhere.

Your clients will only buy your product if it’s going to benefit their lives or their family’s lives in some way or another.

I started my career in Direct Sales many years ago for a marketing company that had never sold Timeshare before on a resort that was never meant to be a Timeshare resort!

The only part that was built was the bit that faced the road! The rest was still a building site but it was the best selling time of my Direct Sales Career and I’ll tell you all about it in part 2

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Until then, this week’s exercise is to forget who you work for and just look at the product you are selling.

What are the unique selling points? What would make you buy your product?

Make a list of all the things that would make you buy it and why and we’ll cover it all in step 2

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